Meet the Coaches

Aaron Perry - Owner

Head Coach at Peak Strength

With over 12 years of experience in the Fitness Industry, coaching clients & athletes in countries including Sweden, the UK & NZ, it's fair to say Aaron knows a thing or two when it comes to strength, fitness & health. Aaron is a Strength & Conditioning Coach, with his proven Peak Strength Method, focusing on functionality, mobility & pre-habilitation.

Want to become a Strength & Conditioning Coach, Fitness Professional or fully qualified NZQA recognised Personal Trainer in an ever changing exciting industry?

Aaron is a registered Skills Active Assessor & can asses you on your path to achieving your fitness qualifications.

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JanaPuttkammer - moveSTRONG

Originally from Germany & now a Kiwi, Jana is a Personal Trainer & soon to be Strength & Conditioning Coach. A tri-athlete & 2 time Ironman athlete, Janas enthusiasm for her sport is expressed in her coaching style & flare.

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Krista Thom - KT PT

Krista has a great health & fitness story & that is evident in her want to help others. Krista is a dedicated Coach with a drive to encourage you to reach your goals. Having overcome her own health & fitness battles in life, Krista understands what it takes to get you where you need to be.

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Irirangi Bayliss - Irirangi Bayliss Fitness

Iri is passionate about helping people find their happiness through building a strong foundation of health & fitness. Iri is here to inspire, educate and empower people to live in a way that energises, motivates & makes them feel healthy & beautiful from the inside out. 

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IZFitness - Your Motivation

Irirangi & Ariana (Iri & Ari) sure know how to run tailor made Group Fitness Classes! These two bring the fun & pain, in a way that is adaptable to all fitness levels. IZFitness is a great motivating environment that will leave you wanting more!! 

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